Dante’s, Cambridge: We Libated

This past week I met up with some fabulous bloggers at a restaurant/bar that was new to me, but I had been wanting to try. We spent our time at the bar, so I only tried a few of the menu items, but let me tell you. The drinks were DELISH.

Dante’s is located in Cambridge and is in the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Chef Dante deMagistris has definitely done an excellent job of creating a fun, sophisticated environment with awesome food and cocktails. Restaurant Dante’s cuisine focuses on Italian fare, with the Chef’s own twist on certain dishes and ingredients. Everything was simple, but perfect.

Let me first say, the bartenders were AMAZING. You could give them just about any ingredients and they could make you a cocktail that you would never want to put down. After meeting Peter, BeccaJane, and Julie Q, I sat down with the drink menu for some quality decision making time.

And it was a hard decision. But I ended up with the Pear Cider. No idea what the garnish was, but it was sugary, and cinnamony, and nutmegy. Nice compliment to the cocktail.

Oooh la la

I sipped my drink slowly since I was driving home, and the bartender, apparently concerned with my slow sipping asked how it was. The drink was delicious. He told me he’d just recently created a martini that also used the cider, along with apple vodka and some other secret ingredients. But alas, it wasn’t on the menu yet. But you could probably make it anyway, right? He said yes, he could, but wasn’t sure if it was ready for human testing. That’s fine with me, bring it on. He was just kidding by the way, luckily he had personally tested it himself and lived to tell the tale. It was so yummy. No idea how bartenders can just make up these drinks that end up so yummy, but I respect the skill.

Not on the menu? Not a problem.

We were joined by Alison, Steven, and Not That Kind of Girl. More good company. Some other drinks had throughout the night:

BeccaJane's Black Dahlia

Something with egg white and magic

Something with champagne, St. Germain, and orange zest shaped like California.

We literally got to the point where we were just given the bartenders ingredients and they made something magical out of it. I also learned that if you mix vodka and champagne you should always add some simple syrup and lemon to counteract it (no idea why, but I feel special knowing it).

On to the food. We only tried a few things when we decided we needed a snack. We went for some of the “Sfizi” or “little tastes” served as antipasto. No pics of the first one, the Ricotta. It was rich homemade ricotta on bruschetta with pine nuts and salsa Genovese (very garlicy and basily). It was great. Then we had the Speck (prosciutto, pecorino ginepro and pear mostarda – kind of like a jam or reduction). Great when put all together. And the Arancini. There are no words for how good the risotto, scamorza (a cheese, somewhat similar to mozzarella), and truffle honey. Yes, truffle honey. Oh the Arancini.

You had me at truffle honey.

Overall, definitely going back with the hubs and trying everything on the Sfizi menu. Cocktails were about $9-$11 and worth it for the awesome bartenders and their ability to make anything you wanted.

Can’t wait to go back.

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