Midwest Grill, Cambridge

Another one of the restaurants on our wishlist, Midwest Grill is a Brazilian barbecue experience where you can try a little bit of everything. Neither Dane or I had been to this style restaurant, but we’re both big fans of steak and meat so we were excited to try it.

chicken, steak, lamb, ribs, pork, and grilled pineapple

When we were seated we got a sign to use to signal to the waiters whether or not we wanted them to stop at our table with more food. Then we got started at the buffet which included rice, beans, salads, vegetables, and other fixings. Since we knew more was coming, we went light at the buffet.

the buffet

The waitstaff carries around all the different types of meat and cuts off as much as you want. We made sure to try it all, and that included Dane trying chicken hearts (he’s that dedicated to this little blog). First the pork came out, then steak, then chicken, then the lamb, then bacon wrapped filet, then Brazilian sausage, then chicken hearts, then ribs, then grilled pineapple. And after all of that, the cycle started all over.

it begins...

my personal favorite, the Brazilian sausage

To get the full experience, we ordered a caipirinha. It’s a muddled drink made with cachaca, sugar, and limes. It was a great compliment to all the food. I also tried the Fresh Fruit Drink make with pineapple, mango, passion fruit, cashew fruit, and acerola fruit. So refreshing and it would be perfect on a hot day.

caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail

fresh fruit drink

Overall, the Midwest Grill was a fun experience. The meats were perfectly cooked, juicy, and flavorful. The buffet definitely leaves something to be desired. It’s mostly basic things that seemed like they had been hanging out over a hot plate for awhile. Everything was ok, but not out of this world amazing. The meats are really the star of the show here, and Midwest Grill was great for the lunchtime price of $12.95 per person. Dinner is almost twice the price of $21.95 during the week, and $24.95 on the weekends.

Knowing Dane and his affinity for the all-you-can-eat style of dining, I’m sure we’ll head back to Midwest Grill again.


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