Cheesy Cheesy Goodness

I have definitely documented my love of cheese on this blog. At this point, it goes without saying that I might be what some would call “obsessed” with different types of cheese. Whatever. I consider it a point of pride.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cheese board and I think I’ve finally settled on the one I want. Surprisingly, Dane doesn’t seem to have very strong opinions on cheese boards, so this decision is up to me. I haven’t gotten it yet though, and when I hosted a wine tasting for this little blog (at beccajane’s apartment), there had to be a cheese plate to go with the wine. We made due with a wooden cutting board, which worked out quite lovely.

So to prepare for this event, I spent some quality time at the cheese section of the grocery store. I ended up with most of my own personal favorites, and tried to get a mix that everyone would like. Is there a correct way to do a cheese plate? I don’t know, but I was happy.


The four cheese I chose were gouda, brie, muenster, and cheddar. All pretty basic and delicious. Gouda is made from cow’s milk and always comes with a rind around it that helps to keep the cheese from drying out. Brie, also from cow’s milk, is a soft cheese named after the area in France where it originated. Muenster is a mild tasting cheese made with cow’s milk, that has a signature orangey rind. Lastly, cheddar, a familiar cheese with a sharper flavor. Served with some crackers and Sfilatino from Fornax Bread Company, each was delicious in its own way.

brie. or as they say in france, brie.

Next cheese plate will probably include some goat cheese and a harder cheese like pecorino or parmigiana. Can’t wait to host again, when I get my very own cheese board.

What’s your favorite cheese?

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