Redbones, Somerville

A few months ago Groupon had an awesome deal that got you $30 worth of food at Redbones Barbeque for only $15. We had gone once before, and Dane especially loves barbeque, so I jumped on the offer. Last weekend when deciding where we wanted to eat lunch, I remembered we had the Groupon and we jumped in the car to drive up the Somerville.

redbones barbeque

This is a no-frills, down home, barbeque joint. During busy times, you can expect to be seated about a foot away from the table next to you, and it will be packed. There’s a great selection of beer on tap, so settle in and get ready for a big meal.

We ordered our drinks first and decided to forgo an appetizer to focus on our entrees. Dane got the new Sam Adams Seasonal beer, Noble Pils. I found something that looked interesting to me called a Black Velvet, which was cider with Guinness. Two of my favorite things in one. After my beer and cider mixing adventure at the Harpoon Brewery, I had to try it. Well worth the risk for me. It was great. Not too sweet, but definitely an interesting mix of flavors.

Guinness on top, cider on the bottom

It just so happened that the table next to us (well, it felt like 6 inches away from us) ordered an appetizer of fried pickles and fried jalapenos. Just one look was all it took for us to put in an order for ourselves. So much for focusing on our entrees. I absolutely love fried pickles, and these were great. Different kind of breading than what I was used to, and they were crunchy on the outside and hot on the inside. The dipping sauce was a great compliment.

fried pickles. two words that belong together.

Now that we barely had enough room left for lunch, we got our meals. Pulled pork sandwiches are always my meal of choice when we eat barbecue (which isn’t often, so it’s a nice treat). My eyes were way bigger than my stomach and I ordered the platter, which included a side of beans and potato salad, instead of just the sandwich. Dane decided to go with the Memphis Ribs and Barbecue Chicken combo. Portions are huge here!

gigantic pulled pork sandwich

piled high plate of chicken and ribs

The barbecue is just great here. There aren’t too many places in the Boston area that I can think of specializing in barbecue and Redbones does it right. There was no way we could finish everything, despite our best efforts.

Dane showing off his best efforts

Give Redbones a shot if you’re in the mood for barbeque. Don’t plan on eating again for a while after you’ve consumed the massive portions and filling meals this place has to offer. I know we’ll be back again, as soon as Dane’s in the mood for some ribs again!


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