Boston Hot Dog Company, Salem

This is one of those places we just happened upon while visiting Salem a few years ago around Halloween. We were hungry and it looked like a place we could grab a quick bite. We now make it a point to visit this place now every time we are in Salem. While we had friends visiting a few weeks ago who wanted to visit Salem for the first time, so we took them up and enjoyed a quiet town for the day.

Boston Hot Dog Company is always our first stop as soon as we get out of the car. Their specialty is, as the name implies, hot dogs. All different varieties with different toppings. There is something for every hot dog lover out there.

My order is always the 1/4 lb. all beef hot dog with sauerkraut with a side of Boston baked beans. The small side of beans is generous, so I’m nice and share with Dane. He took a little more time in ordering because the options seem endless.

and it's because they basically are endless

Dane ended up ordering the Chicago Dog (onions, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, green relish, dijon mustard, poppy seeds, celery salt,  and a pickle spear). My choice was much simpler, but both hot dogs were equally delicious.

chicago dog

boston baked beans for sharing. or not sharing. up to you.

Another thing I love about this place is the staff. Every time I come here the person behind the counter is the nicest, friendliest person ever. They’ll give you their recommendations, ask where you’re from, and kid around with you if you order a plain hot dog. They keep two maps behind the counter, one of the U.S. and the other of the world. Customers are sometimes asked to put a pin up on the map to show where they’re from. It’s amazing to see that people have come from as far as Japan!

happy hot dog eaters we are

We probably won’t be back up in Salem until October for our annual trip with my mom and sisters, but you can bet that when we are, Boston Hot Dog Company will be our first stop.

One Response to Boston Hot Dog Company, Salem

  • Susan says:

    I keep wanting to go to Salem, but never go. I will have to hit this place up when I finally make the trip.

    If you love a good hot dog, you have to go!

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