Central Bottle & how2heroes Wine Pairing

A few weeks ago Dane and I headed over to Central Bottle in Cambridge for an evening hosted by how2heroes featuring 4 different wines and 4 different desserts. We’d never been to Central Bottle before, but I’ve been a fan of how2heroes for awhile. I saw the invite on Facebook and signed myself right up. Only $10 for all that? Done and done.

classy wine tasters

First of all, Central Bottle and Provisions is a really cool shop. You can find a vast array of wines along with different cheeses and other items to pair with your libations. Every Thursday they host a Wine Bar, pouring a different wine, and you can also find Wine Tasting Classes and other collaborations like the one with how2heroes from time to time.

We headed over and got settled with our first pairing: Chocolate covered strawberries and a sparkling wine, Poema Cava Brut (Spain). I love that the strawberries were covered in red chocolate, made it that much more luscious.

yum and yum

Next up, palmiers with El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez sherry. The sherry was sweet and much heavier, almost syrupy. Great pairing with the light and nutty palmiers. I wanted to eat about 73 of the palmiers. They were so good.

lovely. plus look at those cute napkins.

Third, mini cheesecakes topped with a maraschino cherry paired with a Cossart Gordan Rainwater Madeira. Again, this selection was heavier on the palate and sweet, but great with the light delicious cheesecakes.

wine and cheesecake. also known as AWESOME.

And last (sadly there were but four amazing pairings, which I do realize is actually great but I could have gone on tasting forever), mini chocolate and raspberry cupcakes with Quinta Do Noval Fine Ruby Porto. These cupcakes were absolutely amazing. Raspberry is my all time favorite fruit flavor for a dessert. Pair that with chocolate and there’s nothing better. To be totally honest, I remember nothing about the wine, because the cupcakes were just that good.

chocolate ganache and raspberry mousse. ugh, SO good.

I think I’ll have to do some of my own pairings for our next gathering. I can already think of a few things I’d like to try. OK, and then there were these other fantastic little mushroom pate appetizers. The founder of how2heroes urged us to try them, and it was so good. Another great idea for our next dinner party.

We’ll be looking for upcoming events at Central Bottle to attend. Everything was fantastic, thanks to both how2heroes and Central Bottle.

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