Acapulco Restaurant, JP

We like visiting restaurants that are close to where we live and have passed Acapulco Restaurants countless time since we’ve been here. A friend that just moved to the area called us one night and asked if we’d like to try it out, so of course we obliged.

The Acapulco Restaurant is one of those places you could easily pass by. It’s small, quiet and you don’t hear much about it. On a Sunday night around 6pm we were one of three groups eating in the entire restaurant. There was one waiter working, who was clearly struggling a bit with the few tables.

We started with some salsa and chips that were brought over while we perused the menu.

chips were fab. salsa needed some love.

I loved the chips. Crispy, perfectly seasoned, and home made. The salsa was not my favorite. I’m a big fan of salsa with fresh ingredients that I can scoop up on my chips. Love making salsa and I love eating salsa. This was more of a sauce that had quite a kick to it. To each their own, that’s just my personal preference.

I ended up ordering the Salpicon (chicken with garlic, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes served with black beans). Dane went with Arroz con Pollo (chicken with rice) and Scott chose the chicken quesadillas.


Arroz con pollo. And Dane.


My meal was delicious. I loved the flavors and the veggies were perfectly cooked. Usually after Mexican I feel like I’ve eaten way too much, but because everything was steamed I felt like it was fairly light. There was certainly enough for a second meal too, which I happily took to work the next day.

The quesadillas did not get as great of a review. Not that there was any major issues, but they weren’t anything special either. Dane loved his arroz con pollo, but if I’m being honest, he’ll always eat chicken and rice.

Overall, I wouldn’t put Acapulco on my list of favorites, but I did enjoy our meal there. I actually appreciated that it was quiet on a Sunday evening. It made for a nice atmosphere to chat with our friend over dinner. However, nothing sticks out as particularly special.

So this means we’re still on the lookout for great authentic Mexican in Boston. Any ideas?

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