how2heroes Chicken Pot Pie Shoot

About a month ago I reviewed a wine tasting and dessert pairing that Dane and I went to at Central Bottle in Cambridge. The event was co-hosted by how2heroes, one of my favorite cooking sites. After posting it, I got some really lovely comments from some of the fabulous people over at how2heroes. After talking with Lynne, the founder, she asked if Dane and I would be interested in being featured as home cooks.

Seriously? YES!

I had to read the email twice to make sure I was reading it correctly. I never would have thought we’d get to do something like this, but we were so excited!

We scheduled the shoot for right after we returned from Disney. The morning of the shoot we got to meet some of the people behind all the fun food on how2heroes. They set up in our kitchen with two video cameras, a still camera, mics, lighting, the whole works. It was so cool to see it all happening in our own little apartment!

Since they would be taking pictures of us, I decided to snap some photos of them.

getting set up.

We got set up with all our food. Most of it we prepped the night before and morning of the shoot. Then we got our mics and a rundown of how this whole video shoot thing would go.

Dane and his wireless mic. And his Millenium Falcon shirt, obvs.

so official.

We divided up the chicken pot pie prep, so that I demonstrate the pie crust and Dane makes the filling. It was so fun seeing each other being home cooking superstars.

Dane during his portion of filming.

When it was all finished, our pot pie got its very own photo shoot. It really did have a leading role and celebrity status that day.

diva status.

We are so excited to see the finished product! The video should be up on soon. There will be an update when it does!

And how2heroes, if you ever need us to cook for you again we’d be more than happy to! The crew was so professional and fun. I sent them home with almost half a chicken pot pie. Pretty great perk if you ask me.

Stay tuned!

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