The News Room, Minneapolis, MN

We ate a lot in Minneapolis. After Jucy Lucy’s and my first Sonic experience, we went into Minneapolis to enjoy dinner at one of Sam and Jason’s frequent dinner picks, The News Room. We unknowingly walked into what would be one of the more eventful dinners any of us had ever had.

Inside The News Room. The mermaid is the front of the bar, which is shaped like an old ship. Very cool.

First off, the News Room is really cool inside. The walls look like giant newspapers complete with headlines from history making events. It’s funky and comfortable and I was really excited to eat there. We chose to sit outside on the patio right on the Nicollet Mall because it was a beautiful night in the city. We ordered some drinks and started perusing the menus.

My choice was the Pom-A-Dor: Pearl Pomegranate Vodka, Cointreau, Pom Juice, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, and a splash of Grapefruit Juice. (from DEE-LISH-US.

Sam pondering life (or maybe just what to order) over a beer.

We chatted with the friendly and sarcastic waiter (definitely enjoyed his sense of humor) and ordered our meals. I think we were all very happy with our choices. The service was quick, but laid back enough that we could sit for a while and talk while we sipped our drinks without feeling rushed.

My choice: Chicken Roulade

Jason: Open Face Turkey Sandwich

Sam: Kobe Cheeseburger

Dinner was great, and when we were all finished we ordered another round of drinks and had a little surprise come visit us. As I mentioned, we were outside on the patio. Our table was right next to the glass windows of the restaurant. This was apparently the perfect recipe for this little guy.

We named him Chirpy.

Chirpy got a little confused and flew into the glass window, landing right on our table. He looked a little discombobulated and confused, and just sat in this same position for about 20 minutes with us. Our waiter came by and asked “Do you want me to move that?” and we said no. We just wanted him to feel better and he really wasn’t bothering us at all. After about 20 minutes, Jason, being the caring person he is, asked out loud “Do you think he broke his leg?”. As soon as he said it, Chirpy stood up, shook himself off and flew away. I guess he just needed some time to regain himself.

So we continued enjoying our drinks and the company on the News Room patio. A few minutes later the patio got another visitor of the angry yelling kind. A man walked up to the patio and started yelling incoherently at another table of customers. The manager came out to talk with him and asked him to leave. After a few minutes he finally walked away, but then backed up, yelled at us, and continued on his way.

Event #2 of the evening

After that, our evening finished up pretty quietly. Dinner was fantastic, the service was great, and the drinks were delicious. If you’re in the area, stop by and enjoy!

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