Food Things We Love

Dane and I love food. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I’ve realized how much food is part of our life, in so many ways. I thought we’d share some of our favorite food (and food inspired things) of the moment.

Kristen’s Favorites

Food inspired clothes from Dressing On The Side
Definitely ordered a shirt from Dressing On The Side the other day and I am so excited to get it. It’s no longer listed because I was lucky enough to get it on sale, but it says “You Are What You Eat” in a funky and fun food inspired font. And there’s a ton of shirts with cupcake sayings and cute drawings. You have to love the artwork and handmade quality of all the items.

Summer Street Fairs
We’ve walked around Boston the past three weekends in a row, and found two feasts in the North End the past two weekends celebrating different saints. You are guaranteed some awesome food from the food trucks and stands. It really just becomes a matter of figuring out what you want to eat with all the options. I love grabbing a lemonade (fresh squeezed, of course) from a stand, enjoying something unhealthy (usually deep fried), and enjoying the atmosphere.

Side note: There are a few more upcoming festivals in the North End this summer. If you’re interested, check out the dates here.

Feast of St. Aggripina, North End - July 30, 2010

Brookline Fine Wine & Gourmet
Dane and I wandered into this place about a week ago and were in love. On a Saturday afternoon we were the only ones in the shop, and struck up a conversation with the owner, who was working at the time. First of all, there’s an entire wall of craft beer, along with a refrigerated case. The shop stocks local favorites and nationally known craft beer. There’s an awesome selection of wine, and the owner was fantastic about helping us find some bottles that we’d like based on our tastes. She spent about a half hour with us talking about what we like and don’t like, asking her questions about what they stock, and just learning more about what it takes to run a shop like that. We ended up walking out with three bottles of wine (only one we’ve tasted so far, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and it was perfect).

Side note: Brookline Fine Wine and Gourmet does wine tastings every Wednesday, and beer tastings every Thursday and is located at 27 Harvard Street in Brookline.

Dane’s Favorites

Movie Theater Popcorn
Movie theater popcorn has four perfect elements to me: it’s buttery, it’s salty, it’s perfectly popped, and it comes in a bucket. We go to the movies all the time, and have to get popcorn, no matter what.

UFood Grill
I go to UFood about once a week for a turkey burger (with lettuce, tomato, and pickles), Unfries (baked, not fried), and Uberry frozen yogurt (chocolate-vanilla swirl). It’s healthier than your normal fast food and I have the frequent buyer card which gets you a free meal after you purchase 7. At work, we call it “KnowFat LowFat”, as it used to be called before changing to UFood. Plus, you might see the UBerry man out in costume if you’re lucky.

Or lager, as we call it in PA. When you go out to a bar in PA and order a lager, you’re guaranteed to get a Yuengling. It was a favorite in college at Penn State and my friends always bring me a case when they come up to Boston for a visit, since it’s not sold here. Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery and their beer is delicious.

Enjoying a Yuengling at home in PA on a visit

What are your favorite food items and food inspired things?

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