The Fireplace, Brookline

I had been wanting to try this place for months. Come on, a restaurant called The Fireplace? It sounds so warm and cozy! During Restaurant Week this summer, Dane and I finally got ourselves there for dinner. And my warm cozy thoughts about The Fireplace were definitely confirmed.

The Fireplace is an upscale restaurant that comes with a slightly upscale price point. But during Restaurant Week The Fireplace offered the 3 course deal for $33, along with many other Boston restaurants. There is no way to beat that. A full meal from appetizer to desert for only $33? Yes, please and thank you.

The restaurant itself has a comfortable atmosphere, complete with – you guessed it – a fireplace. Doesn’t it just look warm? I definitely want to get back here for drinks (and maybe some dessert if I’m feeling sassy) with friends.

bar area at The Fireplace

The Restaurant Week menu had some great choices, and it definitely took us a bit to make our decisions. I really just wanted one of everything. I also made the mistake of looking through the menu, which made me want to order some cheese and a Humble Offering (a special that is offered Sunday-Thursday for a lower price than the average entree), but I refrained by reminding myself that I had 3 courses on the way.

First up for me was the Summer Vegetable Soup and for Dane the Endive Salad. I could not get enough of my soup. It was fresh and perfect.

My Vegetable Soup

Dane's Endive Salad (yes, that's goat cheese. creamy and delicious goat cheese.)

For my entree, I barely even read past the first option – Grandma Gladys’ Grilled Flank Steak with Boston Baked Beans and Garlicky Broccoli. It’s like this meal was made specifically for me. I absolutely LOVE flank steak (my dad makes it the best which I’m sure is why I love it so much). Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables. I can’t get enough garlic. And Boston Baked Beans? Come on Fireplace, it’s like you read my mind. Dane agreed, and we both ended up ordering the same thing.

Grandma Gladys' Grilled Flank Steak x 2

After all that, I was thoroughly stuffed. But wait – there’s more! For desert, the Apple Pan Dowdy. Doesn’t get much more cozy than that for a desert.

Apple Pan Dowdy

We both had a great experience at The Fireplace. The service was quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. And I think I’ve already said enough about the food – it was delicious. Check out The Fireplace on Twitter for news (including updates on their changing Humble Offerings). Anyone want to meet me there for drinks?

Fireplace on Urbanspoon

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