Wine Tasting on a Yacht (fancy right? sort of.)

I have a problem with any food related group buying deal. I get three every day to my inbox: Groupon, BuyWithMe, and Living Social Boston. If it’s something more unique – a festival, showcase, or experience – you can pretty much bet that I’ll purchase it. And that’s how our wine tasting and jazz cruise on a yacht happened.

On a Sunday afternoon we boarded the Princess Yacht from Rowes Wharf in Boston. We grabbed a table near the jazz band. The band consisted of two guys in costumes. Not really sure why they were wearing the outfits they chose, it didn’t really seem to fit the feel of the event. But they were good, so I’ll let the weird jackets and hats go.

Taken by a group of ladies who were friends from college. They were a little rowdy, but a good time. Also, our jazz friends are in the background.

I’m not sure what I had in my head for the trip. Wine tastings generally mean to me that someone will be telling you about the wines as you taste them, or be available to answer questions. This was more get-all-the-wine-you-can-before-we-get-back-to-the-dock cruise.

The "tasting" area

Since there didn’t seem to be much of an order to things, we just jumped in, grabbed some wine and some appetizers and enjoyed the music. A few people seemed to think the pita chips and grapes were meant to be a full meal. It was kind of amazing to me how much they brought back. Two people at our table literally had 5 plates full of the snacks in front of them. We had a small plate between the two of us to snack on. They must have been super hungry.

Cabernet Sauvignon, an ice wine, and a chardonnay.

Cabernet Sauvignon, an ice wine, and a chardonnay.

We had a good time on the cruise and enjoyed the wine and the conversation with our fellow cruisers. The view was lovely too. I always love seeing Boston from the water. Such a pretty city.

Out on the front of the boat with our wine

Headed back in to Rowes Wharf

With an open mind, this was a great afternoon. Anyone walking on and expecting a very high end experience with servers for each table would have been disappointed.

I would not have purchased tickets to this on my own, but because they were discounted it was a great Sunday afternoon event. Tickets are regularly priced at $110 each and BuyWithMe had them for about $50 each. I am all about a good deal. What girl isn’t? Cheers!

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