Connor’s Farm, Danvers

All of a sudden it was the end of November! Let’s just get these end of fall posts out of the way, then on to the holidays!


One weekend I came into the living room to see Dane had a To-Do List made for us of things he wanted to do that weekend. At the top of his list was the corn maze at Connor’s Farm in Danvers. I couldn’t help but think it was pretty cute that my husband wanted to go to a farm, so of course I agreed and we drove up to Danvers.

Connor’s Farm is small, but busy, especially during the fall. For the fun seekers, enjoy the jumping pillow and the corn maze. For the barbeque lover, there’s Bob’s Barbeque Pit. For the passive aggressive types, try the corn cannon and shoot a corn cob into the pond. There’s a little something for everyone.

pumpkins for days

First up for us, the corn maze. Every year they do a different maze with a different design. We loaded up on apple cider and cider donuts before going in, just in case we didn’t make it back out.

not looking good for Kristen and Dane

While we wandered we stumbled upon these clever little signs. Kept us distracted from the fact that we had no idea where we were going (and weren’t really paying attention to our path). Corn all starts to look the same.

get it?! CORN dog! and DUCK (duct?) tape!

We did make it out eventually, and headed right over to the jumping pillow. There was not one adult on it, but really, that was not going to stop me from having fun. Look at how much fun those kids are having! Why should they be the only ones?

I got some crazy air on that thing

After less than 5 minutes I was exhausted! That thing was a much tougher workout than I had thought. I have no idea how kids have that much energy. On to the hayride. No jumping involved.

Apple cider and hayrides

We headed over to the farm store after all our fun and loaded up on fall goodies. They have fresh produce, local food, and local dairy products. If you’re looking to shop local, definitely give Connor’s a try!

We had a blast being kids for the day at Connor’s Farm. We’d definitely go back (if not for the awesome cider donuts, then for the corn cannon, which wasn’t working when we went for our turn). I’d love to go back as the holidays get closer and get some homemade pies.

Thanks for a fun day Connor’s!

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