Girls’ Pint Out Meetup

If you know me, you’ll know I love beer. Until a few years ago, I was the girl who didn’t like it. I hated the taste (probably from tasting some awful beer) and didn’t understand why people drank it at all (besides the obvious). Then my eyes were opened when I tasted Harpoon UFO for the first time. Beer, I realized, is actually pretty great.

Since then I’ve fully embraced the world of beer. I love learning more about how it’s made, how different flavors can come out in different varieties, and of course, tasting it and picking my favorites.

Enter Girls’ Pint Out. I learned about this organization through my fellow brew diva and good friend, Becca. Besides being a fan of the organization, she’s now the head of the new Boston chapter of GPO.

Girls’ Pint Out is all about making beer accessible to women and promoting education about beer and brewing in general. Let’s be honest, the world of beer tends to be associated with macho men, sporting events, and fraternity parties. The ladies want their place in the beer community! We’re taking it, and enjoying every second of it.

GPO has already been really well received in Boston. With their tagline – “Gals in Grolsch, Angels of Ale” – and fun logo, what’s not to love? (although, I’ll be honest I’m not a big pink person, but I’ll take it for now).

I was super excited to  attend the first Boston meetup of Girls’ Pint Out last week. We headed to Deep Ellum in Allston, which boasts an awesome selection of beer (including great local brews), and mac and cheese with duck confit. I couldn’t wait to try it all. Oh, did I mention beer cheese with warm pretzels? UH HUH.

28 beers on tap, and 80 bottled varieties.

warm pretzels with beer cheese. yes, they were just as good as they look.

I got to meet some awesome ladies and had some delicious food and drinks. My biggest decisions of the evening were figuring out which beers I wanted to try.

ladies of beeriety, alison, beccajane, and lauren.

Pretty Things varieties. In Pretty Things glasses!

I was SO happy to see multiple varieties of Pretty Things on the menu. Pretty Things is a small Cambridge-based craft brewery. You can only find it in MA, CT, RI, and NY (and even in those places it’s not necessarily easy to find). I tried the Jack D’Or – their flagship beer- and the Babbayaga. Both great. Also, I want those glasses ASAP.

The meetup was great. I can’t wait to see where the GPO Boston chapter goes! For more information, you can contact Hope to see you ladies at the next event!

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