Infinium Toast at the Sam Adams Boston Brewery

A few weeks ago an email came from Sam Adams announcing the Infinium Toast event at their Boston Brewery. I signed up immediately. Dane and I have been to the brewery countless times, and are big Sam fans. A new beer that’s a collaborative effort with Germany’s oldest brewery? We were in. No brainer.

Infinium is an ale brewed as a collaboration between Samuel Adams and Weihenstephan. It’s very different from your regular beer, from the 750 ml corked bottle, to the sweet malty flavor.

When we got to the tasting, we got right down to it for our first glass. Everyone was given a fun Infinium glass for the tasting, along with a card good for 2 glasses of Infinium and 3 samples of any other Sam Adams beer on tap at the brewery.

I was surprised by the flavor. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was sweeter than I had imagined. Infinium was light and crisp, with a great finish.

We met up with Rebecca and Julie, who I’m working with on Girls’ Pint Out. Rebecca is the fearleass leader of the Boston Girls’ Pint Out chapter, and it was a blast to hang out with them. For research purposes, of course.

Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams, was at the event, and gave us the story of how Infinium came to be. He was great, and it was really cool to see the founder at the Boston brewery.

We had a perfect spot right next to where Jim gave his toast. Which meant I had the perfect spot to ambush Jim when he walked down to get a picture. He was really nice about it, and stopped to chat for a few minutes about how amazed he was that everyone had come out for the launch.

The Infinium Toast was a blast. Infinium retails across the country at a suggested price of $19.99 a bottle (though I recently saw it selling for $30 at a liquor store near us). Pop the cork and give it a try!

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