Thanksgiving Day (and turkey thieves!)

We spent Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania this year with Dane’s family. Dane makes the most amazing turkey every year by basting it with ginger ale. Yes, ginger ale. I think that’s why we were put in charge of dinner and more importantly, in charge of the turkey. The star of the show.

Making dinner with about 22 family and family friends over is not an easy task. Although we had it easier because people brought different elements of dinner (including a deep fried turkey, so we had two, which we obviously needed), we also became the kitchen police. The kitchen at Dane’s mom’s house is not very spacious. We fit perfectly and are used to cooking around each other so that worked out fine. But add in a bunch of people trying to pick at the turkey and the job becomes much more interesting.

Our most notorious culprit was Dane’s grandma…

Queen of the Turkey Theives

I caught her on about her second or third attempt at the deep fried turkey. This one wasn’t the one Dane was roasting, so we let it slide. At least we let it slide the first 5 times.

And it must run in the family, because in an attempt to hide the turkey and keep it out of thieving hands before dinner, Dane put it on top of the washing machine. This might sound weird, but it totally made sense at the time. His strategy definitely didn’t work.

Following in his grandma's footsteps, Danny found the turkey in no time.

While Dane tended the turkey, I did my best to keep the kitchen clear and make sure everything stayed heated. Not easy with this around…

There she is again!

When everything was ready and finally put out we had an impressive spread. Everyone contributed something to the meal, which made it that much better.

Dinner time!

Only thing better than dinner is dessert right? We had plenty of that too.

Cookies, pies, cakes, and whipped cream

And someone seemed to especially like the whipped cream.

If you give a 2 year old whipped cream, he'll have boundless energy. We learned this.

We had such a great day and were stuffed and tired at the end of it. We’re looking forward to doing it again over Christmas and New Year’s!

4 Responses to Thanksgiving Day (and turkey thieves!)

  • Paige Quigley says:

    Marny will eat anything that’s not nailed down and it is so weird because she is so little…She eats and eats and eats and never puts on an ounce!!! Lucky Lady!!!

  • Robyn says:

    Hi Dane and Kristen,
    Sorry we missed you on Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to see you on New Year’s Day at sleepy hollow:)
    Loved your take on Thanksgiving, Pennsylvania style…. or should I say “Eastburn” style?????
    Have a very, Merry Christmas,

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