Upcoming Event: Boston Cake Experiment!

Last year Dane and I participated in our first cook-off competition with the Boston Pie Experiment. We had such a blast prepping and serving our Beer Chicken Pot Pie with all the other contestants and attendees. We got to meet some awesome people and try some delicious dishes.

This year I was contacted by The Food Experiments again, but will sadly be out of town the weekend of the competition. Even more sad for me, this year the competition is the Boston Cake Experiment, and we’re going to miss it! I wanted to share the information I got about the event this year because it was truly an awesome experience for us and something we’d recommend to other home cooks looking to try something new and different!

From the press release:

Since its inception, The Food Experiments competitions have consistently been met with sold-out crowds. Each Experiment features roughly 25 local amateur chefs who have prepared a unique creation incorporating the food theme. In a variation on last year’s sold out and decadent Boston Pie Experiment, the 2012 Boston Experiment will feature inspiration through cakes. These samples will be served to the 350 food enthusiasts and local cake-experienced judges. The first judge released on the esteemed judging panel will be Chef Rich Garcia, executive chef at 606 Congress. Additional judges will be released as the Experiment approaches.

Also exciting? The winner from every food experiment gets flown to Brooklyn for the national championship cook-off!

If you’re not sure about being a contestant, definitely consider checking out the event. You get to try a ton of different dishes and help decide some of the winners. Totally worth the $15 ticket.

Here’s the details on how to sign up, either as a contestant or attendee:

WHAT: The Boston Cake Experiment
WHEN: Sunday, June 24th, 2012
TIME: 6pm – 9pm
WHERE: Middle East Downstairs, 480 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139
JUDGES: Chef Rich Garcia, 606 Congress
TICKETS: $15 – includes a Brooklyn Brewery pint & a plethora of culinary delights. Half of the ticket proceeds will go towards charities that promote sustainability and local culinary education for disadvantaged children and teens.

To sign up just click this link!

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