Philly Lovin’

I feel like things have just been moving at the speed of light lately. This is pretty much what Dane and I have been surrounded by for close to two weeks.

Last week we moved from Boston to Philadelphia. A few months ago we decided it was time to move closer to both of our families. Dane’s family is here in PA around Philadelphia. My family is in New York on Long Island. After 6 years of traveling back and forth (not nearly as often as we really wanted to) to visit our homes with 6-7 hour trips, it was time for a change. We spent about 5 days packing up our things in Boston and hired movers for the first time to load out all of things, drive it down to Philly, and load it all into the new place. It was expensive, but it was probably also the best money we ever spent.

Our things got picked up last Thursday, but didn’t actually arrive here until Sunday. That meant we had some time to visit with friends and family and relax for a little bit before the unpacking began. Our friends Emily and Ben (Emily was my first roommate in Boston and moved to Philly with her husband about a year ago – the universe has put us back in the same city by a happy twist of fate) invited us to Longwood Gardens on Saturday for Emily’s birthday. I am so happy we got to visit there. Absolutely gorgeous place full of the most beautiful flowers and plants and currently hosting an art exhibit called “Light”. Seriously awesome.

And Longwood Gardens had beer, wine, and snacks that you could enjoy while walking around. I had to get a Yuengling now that I’m living here. It was only right. Happy Birthday Em!

Dane started his new job on Monday and I’m on a little hiatus while I unpack and try and get the new place together. There seems to be 5 more boxes for every 1 I unpack. The kitchen got done first, of course. This was about the extent of the decorating though.

So cute. A former student at my last job bought this for me as a going away gift. She obviously totally gets me. Owls + cooking = Perfect gift for Kristen.

I’ve already gotten to take advantage of being closer to home. Yesterday I headed back to New York for my mom’s birthday and to do my dress fitting for my Matron of Honor dress for my sister’s wedding (August 11 – coming up so fast!). It was amazing to get in the car and be able to drive back and forth in just a day. I don’t have to miss things like birthdays and anniversaries anymore.

We celebrated at Carraba’s because Mom loves it there. We shared some wine and lots and lots of laughs. We were probably the loudest group there. That’s what happens when you throw us all together.

Mom was so happy I could be there and so was I. Happy birthday and cheers to my amazing Mom!

I’ll be updating our wishlist here and am already busy at work on all kinds of projects here. We have a backyard so I’ll be planting a garden and we’re planning to get a dog (!). I’m going to be heading up the PA chapter of Girls’ Pint Out here and I’m headed to Maine next week to visit with Sam and Jason. I don’t really know how to take a break, let’s be honest. But I’m loving all of it!

More updates to come from Philly! Stay tuned!

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