Quinn Popcorn Review

So back in May I visited the Wake Up the Earth Festival sponsored by Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain with our friends Scott and Shane. I love this event each year which features local organizations and artisans along with great entertainment from bands, singers and performance groups. It has been so close and we love taking advantage of it each year.

This year I stumbled upon the best find ever, Quinn Popcorn. Dane and I would definitely choose popcorn above almost any snack. When I started talking to them at the festival they had my full attention and support. I learned that they are a small business serving up microwave popcorn made with all natural ingredients. I was sold and decided to give the Vermont maple and sea salt option a try.

Dane was pretty happy when I brought this home and we had to try it immediately. We always use an air popper when I make our popcorn snacks and I’m a little wary of the microwave variety only because I’ve known too many people who grossly overestimate how much time is needed for their popcorn and then it smells like burned popcorn for hours.

This turned out to be super easy, as long as you aren’t a serial popcorn burner. Popped it for about 2-2 1/2 minutes then added this delicious happiness.

They definitely make the instructions easy enough. Come on, if you can’t master this then I don’t know what to tell you. Even I could do it. I have found with other types of oil that it can feel like it all comes out at once and it’s hard to evenly distribute. If you cut on the line and leave a small opening to drizzle, you can just add a little bit at a time while tossing the popcorn. Add in the seasoning and you’re set.

I don’t know if I’ll ever eat any other kind of microwave popcorn ever again. Quinn Popcorn is so good with a few different flavors to try. We absolutely recommend trying it if you’re a popcorn lover. I love knowing we can support a local small business that is making great decisions on what to include in their product. Not in the Boston area? Don’t worry, you can find places to get Quinn Popcorn here!

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