Restaurant Wish List

There are so many amazing places to try, and we’re on a mission to do it all. This is our list of places to try together! It’s a little ambitious, but we’ll do our best.

We’ll cross these off as we visit them, and will always be adding new ones. Send us your suggestions and favorite places to visit!

7 Responses to Restaurant Wish List

  • Tasha says:

    go to The Family Restaurant in Brookline (Washington St.) Its my fav for Turkish / Med yummies….go there now. run there. do it.

    Dane is obsessed with stuffed grape leaves. If we can get those there, it’s a done deal.

  • Brian says:

    I’m heading to Craigie on Main in a few weeks… I’ve heard it’s one of Boston’s best. Also, I’d recommend checking out L’espalier. It’s pricey, but the service was very good.

    The best service I’ve had, however, is at T.W. Food in Cambridge. Wonderful little restaurant that I HIGHLY recommend.

    • kristengz says:

      Thanks for the tips! I’ve heard really good things about all the places you mentioned. There is really no shortage of awesome places to try in Boston.

  • Since it seems like you’re in my neck of the woods, I have to plug Tabero de Haro down by St. Marys. It’s excellent and they’ve got their outdoor seating these days.

  • megabrooke says:

    you have to go to ten tables! it’s one of my favorites ever. JP is my preference even though the one in cambridge is bigger. the thing about them is that if you go a night where there’s a set menu, it could be ANYTHING. and i mean ANYthing. we went for my bday and matt didn’t know the menu, just that i liked the place a lot. the main dish was venison… which, not so much for me. but i just love the ambiance there and find it to be really romantic. if you’re adventurous id say go on a night when you can be surprised with the wine pairing menu. otherwise, book a reservation on a night when you can pick what you want. either way, you’ll love the scene there!

    • kristengz says:

      We actually have gone to 10 Tables, and it was SO good! We went for my birthday this year to the one in JP. Every Wednesday they have a Restaurant Week type deal, three courses for $33. My birthday just so happened to land on a Wednesday, so we got some delicious choices :)

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