Chicago Cupcakes

No trip is complete with cupcakes. We tried two cupcake bakeries on our trip to Chicago and I only wish we had had time to try more.

First up was Sprinkles. The location in Chicago is one of ten now around the country (including one cupcake ATM, seriously!). Sprinkles was definitely at the forefront of the cupcake bakery craze. I had made Sprinkles cupcakes before from the mix you can buy at Williams-Sonoma, which I bought almost purely because I loved the adorable packaging. Well, that and I just had a good feeling about a cupcake company named Sprinkles.

The store was modern and sleek. Flavor upon flavor of cupcake were beautiful to look at behind the big glass case. I didn’t even have to think about what my selection would be. Red velvet is a total no brainer for me. Dane went with the carrot cake. And the little take out box was cute too! A great presentation gets me every time.

We didn’t make it far with these cupcakes. The four of us walked outside the store, realized there was a bench right in front, and sat down to enjoy our mid-afternoon treats.

Yes, my shirt has a cupcake on it and says “love”. No, I actually didn’t plan that, but it worked out well. The cupcakes were moist and fluffy and the icing was perfect. Easy to see why Sprinkles is doing so well!

The last day in Chicago we visited More. Their tagline is “Forever More Cupcakes”, which is a philosophy I can fully support. Again, the shop was stylish and we were greeted by a huge glass display of all our options.

They had some really fun flavors and it took us a while to decide. Actually, it took three of us a little bit, but Dane decided immediately the second he saw a cupcake called Bacon Bacon Bacon. Then his mind was made up. Super cute packaging on these take out cupcakes too.

We found a little seating area right outside the shop so decided to sit at a table and eat our More selections in the sun. We tried totally different flavors than we had at Sprinkles and enjoyed them just as much.

What’s not to love about these? So yummy.

I love the popularity of cupcakes. Perfect portion size and cute presentation. Maybe the cupcake craze will wind down eventually, but I’m going to take advantage of it as long as I can and in whatever city I can!

Do you have a favorite cupcake bakery? How about a favorite cupcake flavor? Always looking for suggestions!

Sweet, Boston

Cupcakes. One of my favorite things. Ever.

Sweet exclusively makes cupcakes, and they do an amazing job. Whenever friends come up to visit, this is a spot I love to take them and they are always happy that I suggested it. (Confession: This is also partially for my own benefit. I just can’t get enough. Obviously.)

Let’s take a look at a few of the offerings you can find at Sweet, shall we?

As if the cupcakes aren’t enough, Sweet also has frosting shots for 25 cents each in all of their frosting flavors. Perfect amount of sweet frosting in a convenient single serve container. Bring a bunch of those to a get-together and I guarantee people will thank you and you’ll have the most original contribution.

If you haven’t been to Sweet, get over there! If you’re a cupcake fan, your taste buds will be eternally grateful.

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Kickass Cupcakes, Somerville

Oh man. Kickass Cupcakes? Who thought of this name? Brilliant.

My first taste of Kickass Cupcakes was when I headed out to Somerville with this lady for Cupcake Happy Hour. Each month they hold an “open house” of sorts, with mini cupcakes inspired by different cocktails. It’s teeny tiny and there’s really just room to grab your cupcake, try a cocktail cupcake, and get out.

I had only been there that one time, when I talked hubby into trying it again with me while we were in Somerville having lunch. Talking him into going wasn’t very hard. He was an easy sell.

We took our time looking at all of our options.

We finally decided that we couldn’t get just one each, so we got 6 different ones to try. Some choices were totally obvious…

We ended up with Red Velvet, the Sammy, Berry Crumbly, Super Chocolate, a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting and M&M’s, and a Limited Edition cupcake topped with a chocolate covered strawberry. Needless to say, we were VERY happy with our choices.

I was really intrigued by the Sammy, made with Sam Adams Cream Stout. On the Kickass Cupcakes website it’s described as a “chocolate cupcake with a chocolate beer ganache center and Sam Adams Cream Stout chocolate frosting drizzled with caramel”. I can’t explain it better than that, and if you like Cream Stout, you will love this cupcake. It’s a fun and sweet twist on the Sam Adams beer we all know and love.

We loved (well I already loved, so I dragged Dane into loving it too) the cupcakes so much, that we stopped there on our way to a friend’s house the following weekend for dinner. We got 6 more cupcakes to bring for dessert. Lesson here is that you should invite us over for dinner if you want delicious desserts.

Kickass Cupcakes, you are awesome. Kick ass, if you will. Can’t wait to see what flavors come out next!

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