Happy Mother’s Day Mama Bear!

Mama Bear, today I wish you a super happy Mother’s Day! Even though I can’t be in NY, know that I’m thinking of you today. You are the most generous, smart, and strong women I will ever meet, and I am so lucky to be your daughter. I have learned so much from you (although I still teach you a thing or two in the kitchen) and can’t wait to see you soon in Disney World!

To round out this Mother’s Day post, I figured I’d also do a recap of my Mom’s most recent trip up to Boston. We had such a blast together, and for my Mom the trip was filled with firsts. Her first trip to the Sam Adams Brewery, her first time at a Scottish restaurant, her first time trying chicken piccata. Mom, you’re just growing up so fast!

As soon as she got off the train at Back Bay, I picked her up and we went straight to Sweet Bakery on Mass Ave for some cupcakes and frosting shots. She had never been to Sweet either, and loved the all cupcake selections. We both went with Red Velvet, got a cup of tea and sat to enjoy.

Mom, you might hate this picture, but I absolutely love it. It captures the height of cupcake enjoyment. After Sweet, we went shopping for dinner, then went home, enjoyed some wine, and I made a delicious dinner.

The next day we embarked on Mom’s first time to the Sam Adams Brewery. She said it actually opened up her mind to the world of beer, and she was willing to branch out from her usual choices. I was so proud.

Mom’s first EVER Sam Adams Boston Lager. She’s a champ.

Turns out my Mom is an amazing beer pourer. Totally made everyone else there look like utter novices.

We went to The Haven, a Scottish restaurant, for Dane’s birthday dinner that night and she got a Skullsplitter. Needless to say she loved it, and surprised me when about a week later after a rough day we were chatting on the phone and she said “Man, I could really go for a Skullsplitter right now.” MY MOM SAID THAT. Honestly was not expecting that.

We had an awesome weekend together, so now I’m back to bugging her to plan her next trip back up here. This summer? What do you think Mama Bear?


Thanksgiving Day (and turkey thieves!)

We spent Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania this year with Dane’s family. Dane makes the most amazing turkey every year by basting it with ginger ale. Yes, ginger ale. I think that’s why we were put in charge of dinner and more importantly, in charge of the turkey. The star of the show.

Making dinner with about 22 family and family friends over is not an easy task. Although we had it easier because people brought different elements of dinner (including a deep fried turkey, so we had two, which we obviously needed), we also became the kitchen police. The kitchen at Dane’s mom’s house is not very spacious. We fit perfectly and are used to cooking around each other so that worked out fine. But add in a bunch of people trying to pick at the turkey and the job becomes much more interesting.

Our most notorious culprit was Dane’s grandma…

I caught her on about her second or third attempt at the deep fried turkey. This one wasn’t the one Dane was roasting, so we let it slide. At least we let it slide the first 5 times.

And it must run in the family, because in an attempt to hide the turkey and keep it out of thieving hands before dinner, Dane put it on top of the washing machine. This might sound weird, but it totally made sense at the time. His strategy definitely didn’t work.

While Dane tended the turkey, I did my best to keep the kitchen clear and make sure everything stayed heated. Not easy with this around…

When everything was ready and finally put out we had an impressive spread. Everyone contributed something to the meal, which made it that much better.

Only thing better than dinner is dessert right? We had plenty of that too.

And someone seemed to especially like the whipped cream.

We had such a great day and were stuffed and tired at the end of it. We’re looking forward to doing it again over Christmas and New Year’s!

Traditions: Pie in the Morning on Thanksgiving

This year we spent Thanksgiving in PA with Dane’s family. It was great to see everyone, and Dane & I were in charge of the Thanksgiving meal with his relatives and family friends.

Before we got started on dinner, we attending a Thanksgiving tradition at the home of Dane’s friends from college. Every year the family hosts a get-together on Thanksgiving morning. It’s the perfect chance to see everyone and catch up before things really get busy with family dinners. The centerpiece of this gathering is pie. Any kind will do.

We gather, we chat, we eat pie. It’s been an on-going tradition with the family for years. It was great to go and see friends who we probably wouldn’t have spent time with otherwise, because of how busy the holiday can be with family. I contributed some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Not pie, but everyone seemed totally OK with it.

Although we only planned to stay about an hour, we all know how timing goes when you start talking with friends you haven’t seen in awhile. We just enjoy their company too much to leave.

As if it could get any better with friends, family, and pie, it started to snow that morning. It was a light dusting, but just enough to really make it feel like the holidays had begun.

I just love this tradition. Family is incredibly important to both Dane and I, but our friends are just like extended family. We were so happy to spend some time together at the start of this holiday season!

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

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