how2heroes Video #3: Cheddar, Beer, Broccoli Soup

Time to ring in the new year with a new recipe! A few weeks ago I got a visit from the fabulous crew of how2heroes. They set up in my kitchen again, for video number 3.

And here’s the finished video!

I got rave reviews from everyone, who got to enjoy the soup once the taping was over. I get really jealous thinking about how many delicious things they must get to try at all the different shoots they go to!

Give it a try and hope you enjoy!

p.s. If you want to have a laugh at my expense, check out the 2010 how2heroes Blooper Reel!

how2heroes Video #2: Cherry Ice Cream

We were thrilled when our favorites over at how2heroes asked us to do another video for them. We set up a date and time and prepped for our second shoot, Cherry Ice Cream.

The crew came the day of the shoot and set up in our kitchen again. My favorite part was still this:

This time they let me play with it too. So fun! We’re basically movie stars.

They set up the cameras, put our mics on, and we got started with the shoot. I definitely messed up the first introduction by patting my microphone, which made a really loud noise on the camera. Oops. Once we got past that it was smooth sailing.

And without further ado, here’s the final video! We had a blast with the how2heroes crew, of course. Thanks to them for setting it up and coming out!

Our how2heroes Video!

Check it out! We’re so happy and proud to see this finished product. Feel free to send interview and autograph requests :)

To the fabulous people of how2heroes, we’re available anytime for you again! Thanks for the fun day!

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