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McGreevey’s, Boston

A lunch with friends is always fun, but recently I tried a new spot for a late lunch with some of my favorite people. With this group there’s always lots of laughs, catching up, and good food. But mainly, there’s lots of laughs.

McGreevey’s is on Boylston Street in Boston, right near some other notable night spots (Pour House – a personal favorite of mine, Dillon’s, Cactus Club, Whiskey’s, Lir). The bar has an interesting history, which you can find out about here, but the current reincarnation opened in 2008 and looks to stay as close to it’s namesake as possible. The walls are lined with Red Sox memorabilia and the layout is a replica of the originally McGreevey’s 3rd Base Saloon which opened way back in 1894.

We started with some classy beverages.

I was slightly disappointed with the beer selection on tap. There were a few good ones, but overall I had higher expectations for an Irish pub. Oh well, I was happy with my Gansett.

Then there was this face sitting next to me. Hence the abundance of laughing throughout our meal. Once we pulled it together, we all ordered food. I went with the macaroni and cheese which was good, not great. But the highlight of this meal was what Dane ordered.

The Beckett Burger.

The burger is named for Josh Beckett, #19 on the Red Sox. One pound and nine ounces of burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Part of the proceeds go towards The Josh Beckett Foundation and if you finish you get a t-shirt to announce that you beat the Beckett burger. That was all Dane needed to take on the challenge.

When he ordered it, the waitress actually asked “Wait, are you serious?”. She’s only seen one other person order it, and they didn’t fare so well against it.

And there it is. Now, in this picture you can’t quite grasp the scale of this burger. It looks like it could almost be a normal size.

That’s better. It was pretty much bigger than Dane’s head. Oh, and it came with fries, in case you were wondering. Between the burger eating next to me, and this happening across the table…

… it’s safe to say it was an entertaining lunch. Seriously not sure what was happening here. Just normal time with this group.

And when all was said and done, Dane finished his burger (and I’m still grappling with whether to be proud of him or worried for him). This lovely t-shirt was his forever.

Such a happy man. Although not super blown away by the food, we definitely still had a great time. Always great to have good people to share a meal with!

Connor’s Farm, Danvers

All of a sudden it was the end of November! Let’s just get these end of fall posts out of the way, then on to the holidays!


One weekend I came into the living room to see Dane had a To-Do List made for us of things he wanted to do that weekend. At the top of his list was the corn maze at Connor’s Farm in Danvers. I couldn’t help but think it was pretty cute that my husband wanted to go to a farm, so of course I agreed and we drove up to Danvers.

Connor’s Farm is small, but busy, especially during the fall. For the fun seekers, enjoy the jumping pillow and the corn maze. For the barbeque lover, there’s Bob’s Barbeque Pit. For the passive aggressive types, try the corn cannon and shoot a corn cob into the pond. There’s a little something for everyone.

First up for us, the corn maze. Every year they do a different maze with a different design. We loaded up on apple cider and cider donuts before going in, just in case we didn’t make it back out.

While we wandered we stumbled upon these clever little signs. Kept us distracted from the fact that we had no idea where we were going (and weren’t really paying attention to our path). Corn all starts to look the same.

We did make it out eventually, and headed right over to the jumping pillow. There was not one adult on it, but really, that was not going to stop me from having fun. Look at how much fun those kids are having! Why should they be the only ones?

After less than 5 minutes I was exhausted! That thing was a much tougher workout than I had thought. I have no idea how kids have that much energy. On to the hayride. No jumping involved.

We headed over to the farm store after all our fun and loaded up on fall goodies. They have fresh produce, local food, and local dairy products. If you’re looking to shop local, definitely give Connor’s a try!

We had a blast being kids for the day at Connor’s Farm. We’d definitely go back (if not for the awesome cider donuts, then for the corn cannon, which wasn’t working when we went for our turn). I’d love to go back as the holidays get closer and get some homemade pies.

Thanks for a fun day Connor’s!

The Red House, Cambridge

This was a night that happened completely on accident, but ended up being perfect. I had plans with friends to go out for dinner, when I got a call from my colleague at work. I had our corporate card, which she needed for an event that night, meaning I had to drive to Cambridge to meet her and drop off the card. I was so disappointed to be missing this dinner date with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I grumpily headed to Cambridge while Dane tried to keep my spirits up.

We got to Cambridge, found parking (shockingly), and started walking around when we found this little place. The Red House looked really cute and was on a quiet street (well, more of a large path that could accommodate cars, but was really for pedestrians) with outdoor seating. We kept it in mind as we went to meet my co-worker.

After we made the drop, we headed right back over and decided that since we were in the neighborhood anyway, we might as well enjoy a dinner together. We walked straight back to The Red House and opted for seating on the deck outside, which had a great view of all the passersby.

We ordered up some wine, and I was feeling much better about our evening. Then we ordered dinner, and all memory of having been disappointed was all gone.

I went with a seasonal soup that was a special of the day, spinach soup with crab meat, for a starter. For dinner I ordered Fettuccine Bolognese, and Dane ordered the Stuffed Lobster.

My soup was absolutely delicious. The ingredients were fresh and seasonal, and the Rock Crab meat added a nice texture and flavor. The soup actually had a little kick to it, which was a nice surprise. My entree was also great. The meat sauce was hearty and the pasta perfectly al dente.

Dane loved his lobster. I think we might have had a little too much fun with it though.

The lobster was incredibly filling, according to Dane, which is no surprise since it was stuffed with shrimp, scallops, and bread crumbs. Besides tasting great, we obviously had fun with the meal.

Thanks Red House, for an unexpected and much appreciated, great meal!

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Funnel Cake Fail

While shopping at Williams-Sonoma one afternoon, we came across something miraculous: Funnel Cake mix. I took one look and was sold, especially because it happened to be on sale at the time (which doesn’t seem to happen often there). We bought two boxes and I was really looking forward to making it.

Funnel cake was (well, still is) one of those guilty pleasures that I only indulge in at the occasional street fair or carnival. Deep fried dough made light and fluffy on the inside, sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. Where is the down side to that? I can’t think of one. Don’t say the deep fried part is bad. I might not be good for you, but it is not bad.

Every summer I remember going to a July 4th Festival with my grandparents in New Jersey which meant every summer we were guaranteed at least one funnel cake. I truly have great memories of sitting on the beach, eating funnel cake with my sisters, and waiting for the fireworks to start.

So funnel cake is more than delicious to me. It’s part of my childhood. It makes me nostalgic. Probably another reason I was so excited for the Funnel Cake Mix. One night we decided to make it, and I was so happy.

We mixed up the batter like it said in the directions. Heated up the oil on the stove. Put the batter in a container with the perfect spout. And then this happened.

OK, so it didn’t work as planned. It seemed like as the batter hit the oil, it just became that blob. Dane suggested putting the batter into a Ziploc bag and cutting off the edge to have more control over how the batter goes into the oil. Sounded good to me, so we tried it.

Fail. This was an all around Funnel Cake fail. After messing up two we decided to take another approach, and instead used the batter to make mini fried doughs. Now those were good, and the smaller size let them cook all the way through and become light and crispy. Dane put the powdered sugar on top, and they were a great little dessert for us.

Anyone have any tips on making funnel cake? I want to try it again at some point, but I feel like I need to talk to an expert first!

Laughing at our Food

Recently there have been a few commercials for different foods and restaurants that have made us laugh hysterically. Almost enough to want to go buy that food or eat at that restaurant just because the commercials crack us up. Maybe we’re the only ones, but here are some of our recent favorites.

This is one of Dane’s current favorites. We saw it for the first time a few days ago, and he was giggling like a little girl.


We both love this one. Most people find it insanely annoying, which it is, to be honest. But for some reason we can’t help ourselves. (give it a few seconds, the commercial starts at :05)


This one gets me every time. Never been to a Sonic, but there’s one close now so maybe we’ll get there eventually.


What are your favorite food commercials?

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